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Tooth Colored Filling Benefits

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Patients who experience pain or discomfort from a cavity will need to have the affected area of the tooth cleaned out and filled with a restorative material to ensure the cavity is fully sealed. Many dentists and patients alike prefer having tooth-colored fillings as opposed to the metal alternative because they provide a list of benefits to the patient.

What Makes Them Different?

Besides the obvious fact that the fillings are the same color as your teeth, there are other distinct differences that make them a more beneficial choice. They are made of ceramic composite materials and don’t contain any metal elements, which makes many patients feel better about having them installed in their mouths for the long term. They work in the exact same manner as their metal counterparts and have been in use for years.

Pleasing Aesthetics

Some patients prefer having the color of their fillings blend in with the natural color of their teeth. The metal fillings appear as stark gray and black which can be off-putting for some and it shows evidence of a cavity having been filled. That can be a source of embarrassment for patients who might feel self-conscious about getting a cavity in the first place.

Strong and Durable

The composite materials used in tooth-colored fillings are resilient and can stand up to the normal stress of biting and chewing that natural teeth can withstand. Since the fillings are installed in layers, they work together to create a sturdy surface that has less risk of cracking or chipping than the metal filling material.

Easier and Quicker to Apply

Metal fillings require the patient to wait until the material hardens and sets properly. Patients may not be able to eat or drink for up to an hour after having a cavity filled. In addition, these fillings are constructed on a cast of the patient’s mouth and then inserted, which takes more time. But the tooth-colored alternative is applied directly to the affected tooth where it is hardened and set using LED light. There is no wait time for the patient, the work is performed and finished in minutes. Once you leave the dentist’s office you may eat and drink as you please.


Believe it or not, we all have different colored teeth. Your shade of white may not be the same as someone else’s, that’s why tooth-colored fillings can be blended to the exact natural shade of your tooth. This makes them perfect for filling in cracks and cavities in both your back and front teeth.

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