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Could Your Teeth Be Causing You to Have Migraines?

There are many possible causes to migraines. These intense headaches that often incapacitate the people who suffer from them are still not fully understood. Scientists have linked migraines to environmental factors, nutrition, genetics and many more. It probably won’t surprise you to learn that your teeth can actually contribute to occurrences of migraines. We use our mouths so frequently on a daily basis, it’s certainly not out of the realm of disbelief that the two could be connected.

What Are Migraines?

Different than simple tension headaches, migraines are much more painful and long-lasting. They have four distinct stages and the entire process can last for several days if you happen to experience all of it. Anyone suffering from frequent migraines might find themselves unable to work or take part in social activities, and traditional over-the-counter medications aren’t always effective. If you get them frequently, it’s best to investigate possible causes to see if you’re able to find a way to keep them at bay. If you know you’ve been slacking on your dental care or if you’re mouth just tends to be prone to problems, schedule a visit to the dentist to see if the underlying cause can be found there.

How Can They Be Caused By Teeth?

Well, it’s probably not your teeth themselves. It’s more likely that a misaligned jaw or bad bite has something to do with it. These two things heavily contribute to soreness in the TMJ (temporomandibular joint). This joint is supported by muscles that control the movement of your jaw. Whenever you clench your teeth or bite down improperly, any pain experienced by that muscle group is referred to as other spots on your head and could contribute to migraines.

How Should You Treat One?

If you and your dentist feel strongly that your migraines are caused by something oral or dental, there are a few different things you can do. If you want to give your jaw muscles a rest, you can simply chew less (throw away the gum in favor of some Altoids or Tic-Tacs), and try to be mindful of when you clench your jaw absentmindedly. You can also gently massage those muscles to provide relief. Of course, it may be that your problem is one of alignment. If that’s the case, something less palliative is probably in order. Investing in Invisalign or another method of fixing a bad bite might be the most effective course of action in the long run.

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