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How Smiling Could Help You Land a Job


Your face can say a lot about you before you ever say a word. So break out a Duchenne, the name for the type of smile created when voluntary and involuntary muscles contract, in other words the genuine one, if you want that job.

The ability to get along well with other people is in many cases the deciding factor that outweighs all others regarding whether or not an employer ultimately chooses to hire you. Although having other required skills and qualifications partially determines a company or individual’s decision to take you on board, you have a much better chance of swinging the vote in your favor with a warm, genuine smile. The bottom line: The right authentic grin can get you in. Here are some compelling reasons why:

Happiness is Contagious

If the interviewer feels other members of their company’s team would enjoy working with you and you with them, that’s clearly an ideal situation and the definition of that oft-used term, the “right fit.” Smiling also helps you to appear more likeable, confident, relaxed, and trustworthy, highly desirable qualities in an employee; not to mention a partner or friend. Showing your own joy sparks it in others and fosters an uplifted community that benefits any workplace. Contrast a smile with the grim, humorless expression other candidates for the same job may be sporting and it’s not difficult to understand why you’ll instantly set yourself apart from and most likely ahead of the competition.

Powerful Even When Not Visible

People who work in phone sales and at call centers are told to “smile and dial” and be conscious of holding a smiling tone in their voices. Smiling carries great persuasive power even when your interview is conducted over the phone, so treat it as you would a face-to-face interaction. Even if the interviewer can’t see you, he/she can still sense and perceive the happiness you’re conveying and your excitement about interviewing for a coveted job. Think of it as under the radar impact.

Smiling Rewires The Brain

Farfetched as it may sound when you’re in a black mood, smiling triggers changes in your body chemistry that send positive messages to the brain and consistently improve and enhance your sense of well-being over time. It also increases your cognitive abilities and your attention span, both of which impressing an interviewer usually requires!

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