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How to Prevent Cavities When You Have a Sweet Tooth

sweet tooth

We all love to enjoy the occasional cookie, piece of cake, or ice cream cone. But there are those who consume more than their fair share of sugary sweets and drinks and satisfying that sweet tooth on a regular basis can have some dire consequences for the rest of your teeth in the form of tooth decay. Indulging your cravings with consistency doesn’t need to be detrimental to your oral health, not if you follow some of these helpful hints for preventing cavities after you’ve had your fill of sugar.

Routine Brushing

This one pretty much goes without saying, the more potentially damaging foods and drinks you eat, the more you should brush your teeth to minimize the effects. Unfortunately, our busy lifestyles don’t always permit such luxuries of time. So it’s a good idea to bring a portable or disposable toothbrush with you anywhere you go. That way you can take a few minutes to duck into the nearest bathroom and practice responsible dental hygiene even if your eating habits aren’t exactly the same.


Another way to rid your mouth of all that sticky, sugary residue is by rinsing on a regular schedule. You can choose a mouthwash that will freshen your breath and offer a fluoride component to strengthen your teeth, which will provide an extra layer of protection against damaging food and drink. If you don’t have access to a minty mouthwash you can always use clean, fresh water to swish around and remove any sugary particles that might be stuck in your teeth.

Healthier Options

Sugar might be nice but going sugar-free can still satisfy your craving and keep your teeth healthy. Sugary sweets and sodas can strip away enamel and many of these things also contain acids that might speed up the demineralization process. Luckily, there are also a number of different foods and snacks that can be just as tasty such as fruits, yogurts, and even sugar-free gum and drinks that are better for your teeth and for your well-being. Keeping these things around the house instead of their sugar-stuffed counterparts will go a long way to preventing cavities.

Your Toothbrush

If you have a proclivity for sugary foods, changing your toothbrush often can reduce the risk of developing tooth decay. The more you use the brush, the more likely you are to wear it out and a toothbrush head with frayed or bent bristles is not as effective at removing plaque build up and other residual matter from sugar-heavy snacks and sodas.

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