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How Often Should Denture Wearers Visit the Dentist?


Patients who have a full set of dentures in their mouth without any natural teeth left must maintain routine dental checkups. It’s important that dentures fit properly, otherwise the patient could experience pain and discomfort as well as issues with speaking and eating. That’s why every denture wearer must commit to visiting the dentist at least once a year to ensure that everything is still fitted in place and working properly.

Oral Health

Dentures only work properly if the gums and bone are healthy. So it’s crucial for long-time denture wearers to continue seeing the dentist to maintain a proper fit, which can be compromised due to changes in hard and soft tissue in the mouth. Many patients don’t even realize these changes have occurred and rely too heavily on their preferred adhesive to set the denture. But that could lead to discomfort and soreness, as the denture isn’t seated properly. The dentist can detect these changes early on and make the necessary adjustments.

Health Risks

When you visit the dentist annually, he or she will perform a routine examination to detect signs of oral cancer. Early detection is critical to treatment and should anything be identified as potentially cancerous, action can be taken accordingly. Bone density is also checked to ensure the material in your jaw is not disintegrating. Of course, if you have any remaining natural teeth, the dentist will monitor their health and well-being and give them a proper cleaning. At this point in time, it’s a good idea to bring up any other concerns you have so the dentist can diagnose any potential problems that might arise from these issues, before they become significant health risks.

Potential Problems

Though it’s a good idea to see a dentist at least once a year, that doesn’t mean denture wearers should wait until their annual checkup to address any problems they are experiencing. Pain or discomfort is reason engouh to make an appointment immediately so the dentist can figure out why the dentures are starting to hurt. There may be any number of factors contributing to the problem, a health problem could be emerging, there may be shrinkage in the gum ridge affecting the proper placement of the denture, even weight gain or loss can have an effect on your dentures fitting correctly. It’s important that dentures fit properly at all times so bacteria doesn’t get in between the denture and gum and cause other potential health hazards to your gums and bone.

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