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Does Mouthwash Really Make a Difference?


Millions of people rinse with mouthwash after brushing. Your mouth will feel fresh and minty afterwards but, like many people, you may ask whether mouthwash has any benefits. It all depends on the mouthwash you use and whether it meets your needs.

The pros of using mouthwash include fresher breath, but it can also fight gum disease by removing food and bacteria that build up. If the product has fluoride, it can reduce the risk of cavities. Mouthwash can also soothe mouth ulcers and canker sores by eliminating bacteria.

The Type of Mouthwash Matters

If you use mouthwash, the difference it makes depends on your needs. Desensitizing mouthwash with arginine is thought to make your teeth and gums less sensitive to temperature changes and sweets. A mouthwash with 0.05% sodium fluoride can be effective if you are prone to cavities.

Many people prefer cosmetic mouthwash. It masks the smell of bad breath but does not kill bacteria or fight germs. Another type is anti-plaque mouthwash; it can help to prevent gum inflammation with antiseptics such as thymol, triclosan, or chlorhexidine. Whitening mouthwash is a variety that contains hydrogen peroxide, a substance that can remove stains and make your teeth look whiter over time.

When Mouthwash Is Most Useful

Mouthwash is best for people with bad breath, gum disease, tooth decay, or if they suffer from periodontal disease during pregnancy. It’s also effective for preventing cavities. If you’ve recently had dental surgery, mouthwash can stop bacteria from building up. However, it does not take the place of brushing your teeth. Nor does it cure any disease.

Use Mouthwash Properly

Proper use of the product will enable it to make a difference. The recommendation is to gargle and swish for 60 seconds or more. If you spit out mouthwash in less than a minute, there’s not enough time for its chemicals to work. Any mouthwash should be combined with brushing and flossing.

Also, alcohol-free mouthwashes are the ones to stick with. High alcohol content can cause the mucous layer to dissolve, increasing sensitivity and causing a dry mouth. It can have other health implications as well. The idea is for mouthwash to have a positive difference, and it can if you choose a product wisely. Weigh the pros and cons of different products in regards to your oral health needs. With the right mouthwash, you can have fresh breath, healthy gums, and clean, cavity-free teeth.

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