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The Impact of Good Teeth on Your Dating Life

Impact of Good Teeth on Your Dating Life

Numerous surveys conducted by a variety of organizations have concluded that teeth are one of the most important first impressions when it comes to dating. Here are some areas where good dental hygiene will make a quality impact to your dating life.


Smiling, whether outright or subtle, is one way to demonstrate attraction, and healthy teeth and gums are key to the self-confidence behind an effective smile. Poor dental hygiene could result in reluctance to smile, which could end up having an adverse affect on the individual’s self-confidence.


It’s safe to say that no one likes bad breath, and neither mints nor gum can fix the odor caused by poor dental hygiene. Even worse is when it is coming from someone you are out on a date with. Our sense of smell is closely linked with memory–therefore, people will remember your bad breath, it could become a standout characteristic in their minds without their realizing it.


One reason people are attracted to specific others is due to biological factors. Discolored teeth are an indicator of poor health, excessive drinking/smoking, or all three. Further, it suggests that the individual is lazy and cannot be bothered to care about their appearance, which is always a dangerous signal to send to a potential love interest.

First Impressions Really Are Everything

First impressions can make or break relationships, and numerous studies have demonstrated a correlation between positive first impressions and good dental hygiene. As our social lives become more digitized, our dating preferences have also changed. One result of this is that a healthy smile is more noticeable (and thus more scrutinized), making it essential in today’s dating environment. In addition to first impressions, a healthy smile can also help individuals appear more youthful, which is beneficial even when they’re not single and trying to date.


Of the numerous studies previously mentioned, many highlighted the affect poor dental hygiene can have on an individual’s social life, especially regarding how they are perceived by others. One study concluded that ¾ of Americans would trust someone with a nice smile over someone with a nice outfit, vehicle, or occupation. The studies also nearly unanimously concluded that people with nice teeth are more likely to get a date with someone on a dating site solely based on their profile picture. Further, nearly three in five Americans claimed they would rather date someone with nice teeth than someone with nice skin.

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