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Discover Opalescence Boost: The Professional Teeth Whitening Solution

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When it comes to enhancing our smiles, sometimes we need a little extra help. Opalescence Boost offers an in-office solution that’s both effective and efficient. Using a 40% hydrogen peroxide gel, this whitening system doesn’t require a light source, simplifying the process. Over three 20-minute applications, it promises up to 10 shades whiter teeth in just about an hour.

Plus, it includes potassium nitrate and fluoride to minimize sensitivity and fortify enamel. So, how does this stack up against other whitening options, and what makes it a standout choice? Let’s explore further.

Understanding Opalescence Boost

Securing Opalescence Boost begins with recognizing it as a chemically activated teeth whitening system specifically designed for in-office use. We utilize a hydrogen peroxide gel with a 40% concentration, guaranteeing effective stain removal. This gel doesn’t require light activation, making the procedure straightforward and efficient.

Opalescence Boost also includes potassium nitrate and fluoride, which not only enhance the whitening process but also contribute to sensitivity reduction, providing a more comfortable experience for our patients. Each treatment involves three 20-minute applications, allowing us to achieve noticeable results in about 60 minutes.

This system has brightened over 100 million smiles, illustrating its reliability and effectiveness in professional teeth whitening. Let’s make sure your smile radiates confidence with Opalescence Boost.

Key Features of Opalescence Boost

A dentist in a white coat and blue gloves holds up a mirror for a smiling patient while text on the image describes Opalescence Boost's 40% hydrogen peroxide gel, an effective professional teeth whitening solution.

Let’s explore the standout features of Opalescence Boost that make it a top choice for professional teeth whitening.

  • This treatment utilizes a powerful 40% hydrogen peroxide boost whitening gel, guaranteeing remarkable efficacy.
  • It’s chemically activated, so there’s no need for a light source, making the process more convenient and comfortable.
  • Designed for in-office use, the treatment includes three 20-minute applications, delivering instant whitening results.
  • Additionally, the gel contains potassium nitrate and fluoride, which help reduce sensitivity and strengthen enamel. This ensures not only a brighter smile but also enhanced dental health.

Whitening Ingredients

Containing a potent 40% hydrogen peroxide gel, Opalescence Boost effectively lifts and breaks down stains on teeth, delivering quick and noticeable results.

The whitening gel is chemically activated, meaning it doesn’t require a light or laser to work. This high concentration of hydrogen peroxide ensures efficient stain removal.

Additionally, Opalescence Boost includes PF (potassium nitrate and fluoride) to address common concerns such as sensitivity and enamel strengthening. Potassium nitrate helps reduce sensitivity during and after treatment, while fluoride aids in reinforcing the tooth enamel.

These ingredients work synergistically to provide a powerful yet safe whitening experience. By combining these advanced components, we make certain our patients receive top-notch results with minimal discomfort.

Procedure Overview

The Opalescence Boost procedure begins with a thorough dental cleaning to guarantee the whitening gel adheres effectively to the teeth.

This in-office treatment process uses a chemically activated gel containing 40% hydrogen peroxide, ensuring strong stain removal. We apply the gel in three 20-minute sessions, totaling 60 minutes.

There’s no need for a hot, uncomfortable light, as the gel activates on its own. The inclusion of potassium nitrate and fluoride in the gel helps reduce sensitivity and fortify enamel, enhancing overall dental health.

The precise application ensures accurate whitening, offering instant results. This professional-grade formula is designed for excellent outcomes, giving patients a brighter, healthier smile through meticulous and effective dental care.

Expected Results

Patients undergoing the teeth whitening treatment can anticipate a remarkable transformation in the brightness of their teeth. In just under an hour, they can achieve up to 10 shades whiter, thanks to the powerful hydrogen peroxide formula paired with fluoride. The immediate results are evident post-treatment, ensuring a visibly brighter smile. The Opalescence Boost system offers a range of benefits including dramatic whitening effects, immediate results, and enhanced protection through the addition of fluoride.

  1. Dramatic Whitening: Noticeably whiter teeth, up to 10 shades lighter, in a single session.
  2. Immediate Results: Achieve a brighter smile right after the procedure.
  3. Enhanced Protection: Fluoride addition helps to strengthen enamel and prevent future staining.

Benefits of Opalescence Boost

Experiencing dramatic whitening and immediate results is just the beginning; Opalescence Boost also offers numerous benefits that enhance your overall dental health.

Utilizing a powerful 40% hydrogen peroxide gel, Opalescence Boost delivers quick in-office whitening. The inclusion of potassium nitrate and fluoride not only whitens but also reduces sensitivity and strengthens enamel. This dual benefit guarantees that our teeth aren’t just brighter but also healthier.

The professional-grade formula allows for precise application, ensuring effective and consistent results. By choosing Opalescence Boost, we’re not only achieving a stunning smile but also investing in long-term dental health.

The treatment’s all-encompassing approach makes it a superior choice for those seeking both aesthetic and health benefits in their whitening solution.

Comparing Whitening Options

Woman with curly blonde hair smiling, displaying white teeth. Text on the left reads: "The professional teeth whitening treatment includes three 20-minute applications for up to 10 shades whiter teeth.

When assessing whitening options, it’s crucial to consider both the effectiveness and health benefits of each treatment. Opalescence Boost stands out as a premier in-office system. Unlike other treatments, it uses a 40% hydrogen peroxide gel, enriched with potassium nitrate and fluoride, ensuring both efficacy and comfort.

Here’s why Opalescence Boost excels:

  1. Chemical Activation: No need for LED lights, reducing sensitivity risks.
  2. Rapid Results: Achieve up to 10 shades whiter in just one hour.
  3. Added Comfort: Potassium nitrate and fluoride help reduce sensitivity and strengthen enamel.


Coincidentally, as we wrap up our understanding of Opalescence Boost, we can’t help but marvel at how this innovative system combines convenience and efficacy.

With its 40% hydrogen peroxide gel, no need for a light source, and added potassium nitrate and fluoride for comfort, patients experience remarkable results swiftly.

Let’s embrace this advanced whitening solution to achieve those dazzling smiles we’ve always wanted, all while ensuring our patients’ comfort and dental health.

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