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Dental Implants: Is Age a Factor?

dental implants

In terms of physical sensation and visual appeal, dental implants are extremely close to natural teeth. Compared to other tooth replacement procedures, dental implants are special because they are the only one that does not disrupt the patient’s other teeth or face. Instead, dental implants make it possible for patients to adhere to their normal diet, speak normally and naturally, and maintain a beautiful smile. Despite the awesomeness of dental implants, whether or not you are able to undergo the procedure is heavily dependent on how well your jawbone is formed, which is most commonly measured by your age.

Too Old? Think Again

Interestingly, there is no upper age limit for implants. In fact many people in their 90s have undergone successful procedures. While their overall bill of health always remains a factor, the elderly make perfect candidates for dental implants. Additionally, when you consider that a large percentage of Americans over the age of 65 are missing at least one tooth, it makes sense why this is a good thing. If you are over 65 and have been considering dental implants, make an appointment with an oral surgeon as soon as possible so they can evaluate your specific situation and make the best possible recommendation.

Youth And Dental Implants

If you’re under 17 and need dental implants, you may need to wait for a bit. The dental implant procedure cannot be performed on an underdeveloped jaw, as there is a specific amount of bone required for the procedure to be successful. This means the patient undergoing the procedure must usually be 17. Keep in mind that this number is arbitrary, as whether or not the procedure can be performed ultimately depends on the integrity of the patient’s jaw. Additionally, another important factor is whether the patient has stopped growing or not. Too much growth after the procedure can alter the implants in significant ways, none of them desirable. For example, growth can change the position of the implants, which can lead to more severe problems down the road.

If you are uncertain as to whether you qualify for the procedure, consult with an oral surgeon, as he or she should be able to perform an exam in order to determine whether or not you would make a successful candidate. While they are doing this, make sure to ask them any questions you may have. Remember, the more you empower yourself with information, the more ready you will be to make decisions about your health.

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