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Common Sports-Related Tooth Injuries

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Keeping active is a great way to maintain overall health and physical fitness. However, if you play sports regularly, or even if you simply enjoy an active lifestyle, your teeth could end up suffering. When engaging in more strenuous physical activities, always remember to take the proper precautions to protect your teeth from injury. You can enjoy a healthy, active life without running into trouble if you keep aware of the following sports-related tooth injuries:

Cracked Teeth

Whether you’re sliding into home base or being slammed down on the soccer field, a cracked tooth can be a casualty of any contact sport. The good news about getting a crack is that you’ll know most likely know it right away from the sharp, shooting pain you’re likely to experience while biting down or eating hot or cold foods. The bad news is that the pain is extreme, and will require immediate treatment. There are different extents to a cracked tooth, and if you experience a vertical crack, you’ll be able to have a less invasive procedure. But no matter what kind of tooth cracks you experience, the important thing is to get it checked out right away with no delays.

Fractured Roots

A fractured root is a more subtle problem that many athletes experience in regard to mouth pain. When you come into contact with a hard surface or experience a head injury of any kind, you could end up with a fractured root, which will make itself known either through an infection or chewing-related pain. Either way, the minute you become aware of a pain in your mouth or jaw, you should schedule an appointment with your dentist right away. Many fractured root cases require root canal surgery, and the sooner a patient receives it, the better it will be for their overall mouth health.

Tooth Intrusion

When your tooth doesn’t get knocked out from a blow, it can end up getting pushed further back into your jaw, resulting in an intensely painful experience of tooth “trauma.” While this problem is more likely to occur in children, whose underdeveloped mouths are less able to hold up to the trauma of blunt force, it can still occur in adults as well. In either case, immediate treatment is necessary to minimize the damage and pain of the intrusion over time. If you’re experiencing a sharp pain in your mouth, never ignore it. Always make an appointment with your dentist immediately.

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