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6 Creative Alternative Uses for Toothpaste

Alternative Uses for Toothpaste

Finding out that a product you’ve only used for one purpose can be effectively put to work in other ways can be an exciting discovery. Plastic toothpicks, for example, are great for loosening dried shower gel from a tile floor when rolled back and forth underneath a hand towel. Other common household items from lemons (great for cleaning the kitchen) to coffee (to darken hair) are multi-talented and toothpaste is no exception.

1. Make Your Silver Bright and Shiny

A dab of non-gel white toothpaste effectively removes tarnish from matte and satin silver serving dishes, picture frames, and other items. Sterling silver, highly polished silver, and anything silver-plated is considered too delicate to stand up to toothpaste’s abrasive particles, so it’s best to clean them with a silver polishing cloth. Use a small brush or polishing cloth, and apply and work the toothpaste across the metal. Rinse with warm water and using a towel buff the item dry.

2. Repair Nail Holes In Walls

Toothpaste makes a handy stand-in as a caulking agent too. You’re amazing. What else haven’t you told me?
Toothpaste among its surprising range of uses can also serve as a caulking agent (too bad you can’t use it to fill cavities as a DIY dental project). Apply it straight to white walls. You can use food coloring to match your wall’s shade.

3. Deodorizer in a Tube

Toothpaste can help remove stubborn smells that linger on your hands.

4. Crayon Marks On Painted Walls, Begone

Has your child used your living room wall to create her multicolor masterpiece? You don’t want to stifle her creativity but to save your decorating scheme, grab your tube of toothpaste. Rub a small amount over the colored area, then wipe it clean with a damp cloth and allow it to dry.

5. Making Water Rings On Coffee Tables Vanish:

Another Toothpaste Hidden Talent: Using a gentle fiber cloth and light pressure, apply toothpaste to the ring, then wipe dry with a moist cloth. Lightly touch up the area afterward with furniture polish or olive oil.

6. Toothpaste Removes Stains From Clothing Too

Rubbing a non-gel toothpaste directly into the stain, be it splotch or speck. Rub the edges of the fabric around the stain together until the stain is out.

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