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5 Helpful Tips for New Denture Wearers

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When adjusting to your new dentures, the main thing to keep in mind is that patience is a virtue. This is a slow, steady process that will grow gradually more comfortable as time progresses. To assist with easing you into that process, here are five tips for new denture wearers.

1. Eat Soft Foods

Most new denture-wearers like to eat soft foods and nutritious liquids like mashed potatoes, soups, smoothies, and ice cream during their first few days of adjustment. In addition to protecting the dentures, this ensures that nothing presses too hard against the gums, which could potentially bruise or cut them. Some new denture wearers even practice eating certain types of food before going out in public, just to become more accustomed to the way the dentures feel in their mouths.

2. Speak Carefully

This one is often overlooked, but your mouth will be sore after the procedure and speaking will be difficult. As you heal, you can minimize your chances of a potential accident by practicing. For example, try reading or reciting a book or poem you are familiar with while you get used to the feel of your new dentures.

3. Remember That The Process Will Take Time

Take car to wear your dentures as instructed. However, be careful not to wear them any shorter or longer than the instructed time period. Wearing them too little ensures they will not break-in properly, while wearing them too much will leave you with painful sore spots that could potentially become infected.

4. Keep Your Dentures Clean

Here’s another one that may seem obvious but is often overlooked. Keeping your dentures clean is crucial to preventing any future problems that could arise. When doing so, take care not to brush them too harshly, this could damage the surface and create gouges where bacteria will live. Additionally, making sure you floss and use mouthwash regularly (preferably antibacterial) and are keeping a bi-annual appointment schedule with your dentist should ensure that any potential hygiene or adjustment issues are diagnosed and treated.

5. Keep Your Dentist In The Loop

One great way to prevent any serious problems is by keeping your dentist updated on your condition and healing process. You should immediately contact your dentist if you are experiencing any of these issues in relation to your dentures: spots, slippage, or odd sensations. Doing so as soon as possible will ensure that the problem can be dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.

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