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5 Benefits of Same Day Crowns

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When your tooth suffers severe damage due to breakage, a serious cavity, or a recent root canal, just for example, a crown may be the best way to save your natural tooth, protect it from further harm, and ensure that your mouth continues to function properly and enhance your appearance. Traditionally, getting a crown meant coming in for at least two appointments: one to take an impression of the tooth to send out as a model for the fabrication of your crown, and another to affix the crown to your tooth.

These days, some dental offices have started adopting technologies that allow for a single visit, during which the crown is fabricated on the premises in record time. With digital mapping, a perfect crown can be made in no time at all and placed on the tooth, saving patients time and trouble. Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy with access to same day crowns.

1. Convenience

Having the entire procedure completed in one office visit means you won’t have to schedule more time off from work or make your way to the dentist’s office 1-2 weeks after you’ve had a temporary crown placed. You also won’t have to undergo numbing twice.

2. Reduced expense

The cost of materials and labor are fairly comparable when it comes to getting same day crowns as opposed to traditional models, but doing it all in a single visit means you won’t be charged for a second office visit, you won’t have to pay for fuel to drive to the office a second time, and you won’t risk losing wages (if you’re an hourly employee).

3. Reduced discomfort

Any time you get a crown, you’ll probably have to numb the area, but same day crowns mean you only have to do it once, and you won’t have to deal with physical impressions (you’ll get digital mapping instead). You’ll also avoid potential sensitivity to pressure and heat/cold that could accompany a temporary crown.

4. No temporary crowns

Temporary crowns are meant to be removed in short order, which means there’s a chance you could dislodge them by accident, and even cause further damage to your tooth while you wait for your permanent crown to be manufactured in a lab.

5. Immediate confidence

When your teeth aren’t in good working order, you might not feel confident smiling, laughing, eating, drinking, and so on. With same day crowns you’ll never again have to wait for your teeth to be complete. You can resume normal eating and start flashing your smile the very same day your tooth is prepped and your crown is fabricated and affixed.

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