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4 Ways to Make Your Mouth Extra Kissable


Just because you’re an expert kisser doesn’t mean your mouth is open for business. If you’re suffering from oral health issues, you might not feel like exposing others to your problems and risking rejection due to bad breath or other issues. What can you do to fix the situation and make your mouth extra kissable? Here are a few strategies to try.

1. Brush up on brushing

You’ve probably practiced the same oral hygiene routine since you were four years old, or more likely, you’ve dropped off on your diligence. If your brushing is lackluster and you rarely bother to floss or rinse, it’s time for a refresher course in freshening up your mouth.

You might be understandably embarrassed to ask your dentist, but this professional is an expert and naturally wants you to have the best information for at-home care. Relearning how to brush, floss, and rinse at any age will only help you to keep your mouth clean and healthy, not to mention even more kissable.

2. Go for a deep clean

If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, first of all, what were you thinking? You need to start scheduling regular visits for check-up, cleaning, and x-rays to ensure the best possible oral health and stave off issues like tooth decay and gum disease that are basically kiss-repellant.

That said, you might also want to set an appointment for deep cleaning to undo any damage caused by infrequent care and get your mouth as squeaky clean as possible in preparation for some smooching.

3. Consider cosmetic upgrades

Some people don’t care if you have yellow teeth, a snaggletooth, a gap, or misaligned teeth or jaws. However, it could impact your confidence and your willingness to lean in for a smooch.
If you’re not happy with your smile, it will show, so take the time to talk to your dentist about the possibility of cosmetic fixes like tooth whitening, orthodontic braces, Invisalign, veneers, implants, and so on. Your confidence and your kissing game could both get a major boost as a result.

4. Don’t neglect soft tissue

A beautiful smile is one thing, but a kissable mouth is about more than just flashing your pearly whites from a distance. When you’re getting up close and personal, you want everything to smell and feel nice.

Brushing your teeth isn’t enough. You also need to address the soft tissue in your mouth, which means brushing your tongue and even your cheeks, and keeping your gums in ship shape with flossing and rinsing. Don’t forget to keep those lips buffed and hydrated for supreme kissability

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